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About MobileFuture

MobileFuture is a company that brings together innovation and specialization to develop Information and Technology products for NGOs and Small and Medium Enterprises. For the past two years the company has provided innovative solutions to a number of NGOs and SMEs.

Why MobileFuture

MobileFuture brings a two-year experience in web-based and mobile systems and innovation to developing products for you. Every product is specialy developed and customized to solve your problem. We believe that every situation is special and different and thus a different solution is often required every time.

MobileFuture uses consultancy from our Innovation and Imagineering team that has been providing valuable advice and products to NGOs dealing with development, Capacity building, Technology for poverty eradication and many other areas.

Our Clients

Among our clients include; AU-IBAR dgroups.au-ibar.org, Arid Lands Information Networks (alin.net), La Nyavu Gardens Ltd (lanyavu.com), IGAD (compendium.igadportal.com), Films Corporation of Kenya (filmscorporationofkenya.co.ke), Milligan Heritage Ltd. UJUZi Kenya (ujuzi.or.ke), HARCONSULT harconsult.co.ke, Merti Integrated Development Programme (mid-p.org) and we are looking forward to have your organizations name to appear in this list.